GIST: Nollywood Rising Actress, Ednah Anibori Speaks on Her Life and Career

Nollywood Rising Actress, Ednah Anibori Speaks on Her Life and Career

Ednah Anibori hail from the River State extraction, a Nigerian born actress, Joined Nollywood 2017. She would describe herself as an amazing person with unique personality. Let’s meet her.

Can you tell us about yourself?
My name is Ednah Anibori, I am an actress, I dance, model, and sing, in fact I am a complete actor. I just got signed by Decent Promise Entertainment LTD to be part of the company artists and the future movie VIRUS 2 coming up in Abuja FCT. And I am sure its going to be my major Movie breakout in the industry. I’m an easy going person with an amazing personality.

Tell us about the Character you are going to play in the forth coming movie Virus

A young girl age 19 who was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for attempting murder. I am a drug addict, my mum has cancer so I sell drugs to take care of her and my younger brother, one of my costumer bought drug from me and refuse to pay.
I have been abused sexually by different men while growing up so I naturally hate men. Am young but very mean. Its a nice story and I really love my character. The writer Decent Promise did a good job.

How long have you been with the company?

Not too long, i think I am kind of lucky, I had to replace another actress who was already in the company reasons withheld. But I think I am bless to have been chosen. I will be in Abuja this November for the Movie, and the Premiering too. Its a good piece to look forward to.

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