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Wednesday, 8 January 2020



“The care of human; life and happiness, and not their destruction is the first and only legitimate object of good government" Thomas Jefferson

During a peaceful demonstration carried out on the 7th of January 2020, concerned youths of Ogu community together with the Okada Riders Union, expressed our grievances at the reckless abandon with which life's and properties are treated by
the government of the day, with respect to the state of insecurity and deaths  occurring almost everyday at the Ogu-Eteo Road, criminals attacking okada riders, resulting to several death and injuries to road users. These continuous attack to ogu people along Eteo-Ogu road had previously been reported to security agencies within our locality, and know proper solution was provided by different security bodies.

The people of Ogu community are peace loving citizens and so wonder why bandits and elements of destruction will stay diametrically opposed to our peaceful disposition. Peace is a necessity for growth and development, the citizenry of every state can only be at peace when the institutions of government are very much active in their primary duty of protecting the lives and property of it’s citizenry.

The government of the day is at all times, the avant-garde of it’s people and must rise up to restore the confidence of it’s citizens in the light of incessant attacks on their life’s and properties.
It is on record and reported severally that the people of Ogu community are under siege by their neighbors and criminal elements who had chosen to do nothing else other than to cause terror and death, which had given rise to the continual attacks on the people of Ogu. A number of deaths and injuries arising from attacks had been recorded on the Ogu-Eteo road all involving indigenes of Ogu community who uses the road for their daily itinerary, it is also on record that the Ogu-Eteo road is the only access to Ogu town and the road is heavily used by Ogu people on a daily basis.

The sad reality of the threat this road poses to the people of Ogu was further reiterated by the burgeoning attacks which was carried out on the 5th of January where an Okada rider was killed and a daughter of Ogu escaped death with life threatening injuries, on the Ogu-Eteo road an attack we believe was carried out by bandits and enemies of the state.

Exactly at 6:45 on January 7th, another attack was again carried out on the said Ogu-Eteo road which had led to the victim of the attack and placing the Okada rider in a critical state at the time of writing this release.

These latest attacks which are part of a series of onslaught carried out by bandits and elements of destruction are disheartening and threatens the life’s of the people of Ogu, and at such as concerned indigenes of Ogu community, we call on government at all levels to come to the rescue of the people of Ogu community, the people of Ogu remain peace loving and friendly at all times to their neighbors and at such we cannot comprehend the reason for these attacks calculated at Ogu people by these bandits and elements without a name

As peace loving people we call on the Governor of Rivers State, the Commissioner of Police, the Army, the Joint Task Force and all military agencies within the state to come to our rescue. We also use this medium to call on Ogu/Bolo Council Chairman, JTF commandant, DPO, SS&S  and all security agencies  within the Local Government to immediately swing into action and improve security on the said road. We plead with the chairman of the council and security agencies to create 2 new check points at the Eteo - Ogu Road, so as to provide lasting solution to this menace.

As a people we will continue to explore the option of dialogue and peace and in a bid to finding a lasting solution to this impasse and the general threat to human life we are exposed to, a situation that has left the people of Ogu in fear of future attacks on  everyone using the Ogu-Eteo road as the life’s of commuters cannot be guaranteed. We promise to work with all security agencies to ensure these criminals are apprehended.

Government at all  level must rise and make immediate moves to secure the lives of the people of Ogu and also restore our hopes, this being  the primary responsibility of Government.

Thank you and God bless you!


Concerned Citizens of Ogu Community.


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