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Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Nollywood film Director/ Producer Decent Promise set to make new movies

Nollywood film Director/ Producer Decent Promise set to make new movies*

Nollywood film Producer/Director Decent Promise set to make new movies for the year 2020. He granted a media briefing shortly after his movie audition on the Mainland.

My name is Decent Promise, I am a film Producer and director, the Managing director of Decent Promise Entertainment LTD. We are set for the new year as a company and one of the ways we show people that we are set is by conducting audition to give people the opportunity to be part of what we are doing. This year 2020 the company's plan is to do just 2 movies. One for the first quarter of the year and the other for the second quarter of the year. But I can bet you if you are part of this two movies as an artist your life will never remain the same again.

Can you tell us about these two movies?

Yeah of course, one its a movie that centre around the low class of people in a skid row, titled 'NO GOD IN Jerusalem " going to be Staring the likes of IK Ogbonna Moyo Lawal Ngozi Ezionu and Chidimma Udemadu. Its a movie we are very sure of getting award from so we are putting in our best. We have one of the best crew In the industry no doubt about that.
The second movie we will be doing later part of the year it's a story about Shirley, a teenager who gave birth at the age of 14 on the bathroom floor. She grew up as the worst drug Baron ever. Its a typical cinema story.

How do you get artists for your movies?

Its through auditions. But we also have our artists as a Company that we are projecting. As a Matter of fact one of the principle of the company is that we don't work with any upcoming that is not registered under us. The reason is simple. We want to build stars and not just pick a random person and give movie to act. So first thing first we conduct audition to identify those talents we think we can work. And so far we have raised lots of actors that are doing well today in the industry. We I'll encourage Nigerians to be expectant as we roll  these two movie out this year and we know that we will make more stars this year by the Grace of God. Thank you.

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