Home Celebrity Gist Madam Emily Saraphina Dickson Blows Hot Again (Ogu/Bolo Politics)

Madam Emily Saraphina Dickson Blows Hot Again (Ogu/Bolo Politics)

Madam Emily Saraphina Dickson Blows Hot Again
Madam Emily Saraphina Dickson Blows Hot Again from her base in the UK.
We are free at last from tyranny, we are not crushers but builders. The political struggle in Ogu/Bolo L.G.A Of Rivers State.
The desire for a new OGU/BOLO is what we craved for and not the crusher cum tyrannical system that was seemingly usual. Our once politically and economically vibrant City State became debased with an unusual acronym of absurdities, callousness and unprecedented culture of humiliation and we decided to change the narratives to that which is globally acceptable and human oriented life style. This we took up to the latter that those who see themselves as crushers couldn’t measure and resorted to pleading from the ranks and files of leaders and Traditional institutions, of course as true essence of our belief, we accepted the call to truce, which by all standard is gallantry and forthright. Words may lie but actions will always tell the truth.
Let peace be’ is our common heritage and we must all do our best to redeem it, let no man take any glory, as the record are there to prove that we DEFEATED the herculean tyrannies who are the enemies of our modern democracy. YES, peace be still, but justice will prevail at the end, because we believe the panacea to peace is justice and truth. Those who are just, humane and service oriented are the true servants of the people and not crushers. Who do you crush in the first place? Your people you intend to serve? Who? Let this be our guiding principle in the days to come.
Ogu-Bolo is our common heritage and we are obliged to keep it thus: we must recall our adage that says, GOD MADE OGU AND THE PEOPLE BUILD IT, we must be builders and not crushers, Ogu is not Italy or Somalia.
Keep the faith, get the will, put God first, there is a silver lining at every dark cloud. God bless Ogu/ Bolo. God bless Wakrike-Bese.
Emily Saraphina Dickson.


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